Well Being of our Indian Community in USA


For the next three months to India in the USA, It is important for us, our children and our colleagues. This applies to all migrants who look different from those.
After reading this book, I intend to take precautionary measures for the next three months, until everything is upset.
So, the purpose of this book is to tell us how to stay safe for the next three months. That is, the USA government, the Government of India and the immigrants of India all come to the same level of thinking.
The only idea is that our new president, Donald Trump and chiefly Republican Leadership (up to 1% from 100%) until the USA and the United States realize that there is an internal war between.
Between the USA and India. The USA is the oldest democracy in the last 250 years history and India has the largest consortium with nearly 120 crore people. The population of India is 300 times more than the population of the Americans…