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Well Being Of Our Indian Community In USA

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The only thing I can think of is: this is an extreme reaction to having an African/American/black president for the last 8 years in a white dominating country. United States has not forgotten the 4-year long civil war in the US between North and South over slavery/black people in 1860 and while that war led to the freedom of black people as slaves, at some level the history of black people slavery still dominates the US especially South.

While freedom was welcome for huge black community, unfortunately the millions of liberated African-Americans remained poor with no resources and no support from the new president as President Lincoln was assassinated (He was the first American President of 16 presidents elected over 100 years, who was assassinated) right after civil war was won and before President Lincoln could grant (40 acres and a mule) to all the liberated slaves And that will give them future as they will have their own land and able to work hard and make money and give a better future for their children and new president succeeding him, was from south and while slaves were liberated they got nothing and, once again, without any resources they were at the mercy of white population and remained poor.

So, after 150 years the majority of the black population still remains relatively lower middle class.  

We have a similar situation in India, rich upper caste, and poor lower caste but we look so alike that, no one can tell any difference anymore with Indian Government providing opportunities to everyone.

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