1. Shubham Saxena :-“Thanks for bringing out so simple and informative books on HIV as this topic is considered a taboo in our country and we don’t find reliable resources. But we need to educate ourselves with right knowledge and your books solve this purpose.


2. Roompan mohan :- A good initiative by ‘Add 15 years. The books are very informative and deal with various solutions regarding healthcare.
Highly recommended.
3. Aishwary Add15years books are very helpful. It is related to proactive health care and very easy to understand. I have purchased book from Amazon and had a good experience.
4. Sanjeev Rajpoot –  This is a GREAT book that has been published at exactly the right time. There is so much conversation about improving the patient
Another super resource for families to use as they begin conversations about end-of-life decisions. This is a wonderful complement to team of Add15years Thank you for providing the knowledge.


6. Sunil Goel:- I am 52 years old male and few days back suffered some discomfort in the heart. I was prescribed few tests and was trying to find information about these tests. I landed on your website and purchased your two books from Amazon- ‘Heart – 3 Imp Tests’ and ‘Manage 10 Factors’. I got the information which I was looking for. Thanks to Add15Years.
7. Divakar Saxena– A good book that tells all about the number one pandemic in world’s history i.e. Malaria. Must read!
8. Kamal Saxena – My mother is acute diabetic, she is 55 years old. I purchased Add15Years book on Diabetes in Hindi for her. She liked it a lot because it’s in very simple and easy to understand language. I am planning to purchase more books from here.


9. Megha Vashisth-Add15years provide proactive health care books. I had purchased 2 books from Amazon they are very good and easy to understand


10. Dharmendra Singh – I keep travelling to USA for my project work. Present situation in USA is such that you need to be careful if you are planning to travel there. I purchased this book from and got good insights. It’s a must read book in today’s scenario when Presidency elections in USA are round the corner.
11. Rao Mahesh Ydv– A very unique book that throws light on how once a prosperous and economically strong country- Venezuela, suffered major downfall in every sphere when it faced a massive financial crisis. Financial crisis impacted the country’s healthcare so negatively that people were bound to leave their country and migrated to neighboring countries. Thanks to Add15Years for publishing book on this topic!!!
12. Sahil Shelangia – If you are planning to travel in Malaria prone countries, then you should have this book with you. During my recent visit to Africa, this book has helped me a lot as I was nervous also. It also tells you about important medicines, their dosage etc. which you can have during your stay there.
13. Vaishali Verma– The purpose of the author is very good.we add our life 15 years so its very helpful books for our health and fitness once time we consider. its possible that our life add 15 years more.”
14. MD Intaj –  This book taught me how I can increase my productivity and lifespan by just managing 10 things in my life. I am recommending this book and your other books to all my family members.
15. Rakhi Jain – An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
16. Mohit Sarohiwal  – Add15Years books proved that complex medical knowledge can be delivered in a simple, easy to understand language for all of us. Really a noble initiative by Add15Years!!!
17. Maunika Saini – These books provide health-care insights in simple and easy to understand language. I recommend it for the whole family.
18. Anita Vashisth – These books are very easy to understand.all about proactive health care books. you all must read Thank you…
19.  Mohazzib Khan – Simple, small, focused e-books, audio books and video books on several health related topics. I appreciate your sincere efforts in educating community people all about health, routine check-ups, blood tests, hospitals, medical issues and much more. Thank you Add15Years.
20. Deepak Dagar – This is worth reading, very useful to achieve healthy life
21. Rahul Gautam –  All books are proactive health care book. All are easy to understand and helpfull for our life. I recommend
22. Om Goel – a kind of simple language medical book by MD physician
23. Sagar Rao Adv – I love reading this book. I recommend this book
24. Ashutosh Singh – Add 15 years team publishes a great  book. which is helpfull for a healthy life style. Favilious work by the team
25. Bipin Kumar – This page us very helpful for us and we learn how we increase our life.
26. Ankit Rajput –  The purpose of this book is to add 15 years to our life in a simple language
27.  Rishi vashisth- This book is very good very nice. I recommend it. Well written by the author.