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Payments and Logistics Partners information

By choosing to purchase our products, you will be redirected to the secure third-party payment gateway. Our website offers two kinds of editions for all our books- Indian edition and USA edition. For all the Indian edition books you will be redirected to Paytm payment gateway, and for all the USA edition books you will be redirected to PayPal payment gateway.

Presently, we are offering only the eBooks, audio books and video books which can be directly downloaded right after making the payment [as soon as the purchase is confirmed and notified to the user(s).

Down the line, we are planning to launch the print books as well which will be available in India, in our first release. We will be partnering with a third-party logistics partner to provide logistics services for delivering our print books. All the information related to the Logistics Partners will be intimidated on our website and all our subscribers will be notified about this via email.