Importance of Exercising

Importance of Exercising

If we spend most of the time sitting in one place, we start losing our muscle mass and our bone mass. Most important function of muscles is to support our joints and we start losing our muscle mass due to lack of exercise. If our muscles are not getting regular exercise, then we are at risk of getting arthritis especially in the old age when combination of lack of exercise and osteoporosis can make, especially the knee joints, very prone to arthritis but it can happen at early age also.

Why exercising every day is so important in our life?

All studies have proved that exercise also keeps our brain healthy because exercise increases the blood supply to the brain, and it delays our memory loss also by years as we grow older.

Exercises, obviously no question, support our joints and minimize arthritis or delay arthritis. For example: all our Indian women have hard time climbing stairs.

Exercise promote health of our heart, which is very important as it increases blood circulation to our brain and minimize our dementia or loss of our memory.

Therefore, if we exercise every day then there are huge benefits, no matter if we are young or not so young or old age.

How to exercise?

We can achieve that by any means, like:
• We can walk.
• Any outdoor sport like tennis, football etc. is an excellent way to exercise.
• We can go to gym.
• If we can’t go to gym, then we can do it at home. We can do one-minute exercise at a time like push-ups or we can lift some gentle weight.
• We may enjoy swimming or playing cricket.
• We may take stairs instead of elevator.
• We can walk back and forth in our garden or outside in the neighborhood.
Once we make a habit, it gets easier and it takes about 6 months to develop any habit. Age does not matter. As we get older, we need to spend more time exercising.
Per Dr. Goel, MD (India & USA) everybody who is 60 plus should at least spend 2 hours door-to-door exercising. Walking, playing and exercising.
Just by exercising and making a habit for 15 to 30 minutes, we can add 10 to 15 years to our life.
If we cannot walk, we die in less than 2 years. On the other side, we can really enjoy our old age if we stay mobile.


  • SANJEEV KUMAR AARYA Posted January 25, 2020 2:06 pm

    Nice content also information

  • Charli Smith Posted March 18, 2020 5:30 am

    By exercising regularly and making positive changes in your diet, you lower your cholesterol and blood pressure and greatly diminish the chances of having a heart attack.

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