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Promoting Proactive Healthcare: Maximizing Life Span in India from 66 to 85 Years

Add15Years is one-way where people can access ‘Proactive Healthcare tips in very simple words. Through Add15Years proactive healthcare books, we reach out to our community to share the message about the importance of improving health. It is a call to action, for all individuals to live a lifestyle that will give them the best chance to maximize their potential as they age.

We are highly focused on educating our community and are committed to provide guidance to the people about importance of good-health. And, for providing that support we are writing easy to understand series of proactive healthcare books which provide you all the basic information.

One of our concerns is that there is very limited time with the physicians and healthcare providers. So as much as you know before you visit your healthcare provider, better it is for everybody and with that understanding we are writing these books covering each and every topic.

Add15Years Concept: It is based on the research model encrypted by Dr. Om Goel stating, “Adding 15 Years To Your Life”. Our concept focuses upon-

       Educating people about importance of Regular Health Check-ups, Blood Tests & other Important Tests

       Promoting Proactive Healthcare & Maximizing Life Span in India from 66 to 85 Years

       Helping People to Live Happy, Healthy & Independent till the Last Years of Life

       Adopting Healthy Habits & Lifestyle Modifications

       Healthcare Awareness & Delaying Certain Diseases

       Preparing & Strengthening our body for future changes

       Information about Diet, Exercise, Holistic Health, Healthy Food Habits, Health Maintenance & much more

       Presented in a Very Easy Format that readers would Resonate and Connect-with

Add15Years Principle: Today, lifespan in India is about 66 years & in America it is about 85 years. Add15Years prime principle is to educate our Indian community about proactive healthcare so that they too can extend their life span up to 85 years, like America and other developed nations.

Add15Years Vision: Our vision is to provide comprehensive healthcare knowledge to our community; improve awareness and access to our healthcare system; and promote importance of adopting proactive lifestyle.

Add15Years Mission: Our mission is to create a national awareness, a stirring of both heart and mind, about health care conditions, challenges, and provide solutions & guidance in easily understandable terms. 

Add15Years Objectives:

·         Founded with the aim of promoting ‘Proactive Healthcare'

·         Educating people how they can delay certain diseases

·         Preaching healthcare awareness through simple books

·         Teaching lifestyle modifications for extended life span

·         Preparing & Strengthening our body for future changes

·         Books will be available in more than 18 Indian languages world-wide

Add15Years Product Details:

       Short & precise healthcare books related to varied health & wellness topics

       Comprehensive & available is all user-friendly formats

       Conveys technical terms & medical words in a way that the audience can easily grasp

       Also, the price for these health digests will make it easily affordable for all economic sections

       Along with the Regular Books & E-Books we are launching Audio Books and Video Books as well, so that people can learn while on-the-go, resting, gaming, cooking or doing any other activity


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